Broadway Babies (age 3-6) and Broadway Kids (Grade 2-4)

Develops confidence, creativity, and coordination in our youngest performers. Students learn about:

  • imagination
  • teamwork
  • gross motor skills
  • creative movement
  • extending narrative
  • basic stagecraft
  • mime
  • role play techniques
  • character development
  • performance skills.



Continues developing the confidence, creativity, coordination from previous classes and refining the skills learned with a greater focus on performance skills for stage, film and television. Singing and dancing is also studied during class time and all students perform in an end of year musical production.

Broadway Tweens (Grade 7-8)

Caters for junior high school students looking to develop skills required for a career in musical theatre and the entertainment industry. A successful career requires commitment, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and self discipline and we hold our Tweens student to very high standards in this regard.

This class develops skills in acting, singing, dancing and audition techniques as well as developing an understanding of the musical theatre genre. All students participate in our musical production consolidating all that they learn as they focus on their performance.

Broadway Bound (Grade 9-10) and Broadway Bound (Grade 11-12)

Caters for high school students looking towards a career in musical theatre and the entertainment industry. To meet the demands of the highly competitive nature of the entertainment industry, this is an intensive course that requires a high level of commitment, enthusiasm, and positive attitude, in addition to self- discipline and a willingness to learn.

This class develops acting, singing, dancing skills and teaches the audition techniques required for a successful career in musical theatre. It is a production-based course where students learn primarily by rehearsing and performing in a full-scale musical.


Broadway classes (excluding Broadway Babies) will spend Semester 1 training in music theatre (acting, singing, dance) techniques and will perform in a mid-year "Classic's Showcase". In Semester 2 all students will audition for their role in an end of year production and we then focus on the production process.

There will be extended times for rehearsals but this is included in the fees.

Broadway Babies rehearse a song and dance number to be performed at our dance concert.




Production-Based Training

Each year, the National Academy of Performing Arts puts on a full musical production. By giving students the opportunity to learn by doing, we achieve the highest standards.

The Little Mermaid, 2013

The Little Mermaid, 2013