Music Theatre and Acting

Students need to wear casual clothing suitable for freedom of movement (e.g. dance pants, shorts, dance shoes, joggers, sand shoes etc). We ask that students wear their N.A.P.A. T-shirts/singlets to classes when possible. 


Students must wear dance gear to each lesson (eg. Leotard, leggings, dance shorts, crop top, fitted singlet). No baggy/ loose clothing. Dance shoes must be worn in every lesson (only lyrical/contemporary and acrobatic students may be bare foot). Knee pads are compulsory for jazz, lyrical/ contemporary students. Hair is to be done neatly and kept off the face.


All ballet students must wear a NAPA navy blue leotard, waist elastic, ballet shoes and ballet tights to every lesson. Hair must be secured in a neat bun with hair net before entering the classroom. 

Eisteddfod team

Eisteddfod Team members must wear their NAPA dance uniform to every lesson. Hair is to be done neatly and kept off the face.

What to bring

Most of our activities are very physical and students need to replenish fluids frequently so bring plenty of water. A sausage sizzle is available on Saturdays thanks to our devoted parents, but students are permitted to bring their own food from home. We do have a mini canteen for the ‘treats’ and coffee, tea and magazines are available on Saturdays for parents who wish to stay and relax in the courtyard. 

What not to bring

Any material that will detract from being focused on the lesson e.g. computer games, toys, jewellery etc. Mobile phones are also a problem but if students need to have them, please have them turned on silent. Classes are closed to family and friends. 


We consider all of our classes to be a serious commitment. The scaffolding of skill work has been carefully planned and even in a week, students will miss valuable training. If a child is missing from numerous lessons or rehearsals they may be removed from certain scenes or routines. However, if your child is ill please keep them home as classes are very active, also we don't want illness to spread.

Please contact us if your child will not be attending at any time at [email protected]


All RAD ballet students must attend an in-house exam workshop as part of their exam tuition.

This workshop is compulsory and is held in the September school holidays.