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School Holiday Workshop

Do you want to give your child the full professional experience of making a short film?

Project X Workshops will be the first in a series of holiday workshops aimed to give students exposure and experience in filmmaking.

Everything from writing the script to storyboarding the camera shots to understanding the roles onset to acting in the film and then finally, seeing how it all comes together night where the film will be shown.

Under the direction of Hollie Andrew, who has over 15 years professional stage and screen experience, the students chosen to partake in this course will get firsthand experience in what it takes to make a successful short film.

Each Project X Workshop will be different but will have the same overall objective – to encourage storytelling and film making in the youth of our community and to gain experience on camera and obtain an overall understanding of how a professional film is made.

The film will be entered into local and international short film festivals, giving the students an opportunity to be seen at Local, National and International levels.